documentary film

TRANSFORMATION - CONFLICT / ESCAPE is the working title of an ongoing documentary film project.
Since 2018 I have been shooting interviews on Lesbos, Greece on the background of a humanitarian crisis. This is a project in process that takes advantage from my educational work and research in the same context.

The material of this project, gives good opportunities for supplementing discussions around some of the most burning issues of our time: war, climate change and a migration crisis based on confusion, failed politics and a fatal post-colonial disaster.


30:30 min. shortfilm/documentary, André Tribbensee, Greece-Norway 2020, English language.

«The enemy inside»
is a counter narrative, talking about solidarity on the Greek island of Lesbos, asking questions about the potential of arts and activism to approach hopeless seeming situations on the background of a humanitarian crises, which the film tries to make more understandable.
In which way can artists possibly contribute in practice, how would it make sense?
André Tribbensee has been listening to local people and experts on Lesbos, and since 2017 working with an educational project, involving more than 40 artists, scientists and activists discussing those questions. «The Enemy Inside» is a 30 minutes excerpt from his ongoing documentary film project and personal research TRANSFORMATION - CONFLICT / ESCAPE.